IMPORTANT: Carefully read and follow the instructions below as well as in the leaflet provided by the pharmacist for safe and effective use of the pre-numb cream. 

45 minutes before the procedure: 

1. Carefully apply a generous layer of the pre-numb cream with a clean q-tip to both eyebrows. Use gloves to massage in with your fingertips. Massage for 60 seconds to generate heat. Now RE-APPLY. Care must taken to ensure the pre-numb cream does not enter your eyes. 

2. Occlude (cover carefully) with two layers of cling-wrap across both eyebrows and leave it on for 30 minutes. Ensure it is firmly fixed. This is the most IMPORTANT step as it helps to insulate heat. Heat activates the local anaesthesia and results in maximal penetration for optimal effectiveness.


3. Wipe off the pre-numb cream and apply a second thick layer on both eyebrows. Leave for 15 minutes (no need to rub, just occlude with the same strip of cling-wrap ensuring it is firmly fixed).

4. You must arrive at your appointment with the cling-wrap ON. This step will prevent the pre-numb cream from entering your eyes. We will clean off the numbing cream before starting our procedure. 

Leave your pre-numb cream at home; we will ask you to use it again for your follow-up appointment. 

WARNING: If the pre-numb cream does enter your eyes, please wash immediately with an eye bath. Furthermore, if you experience any of the following, remove the numbing cream and tell your doctor immediately or go to casualty at your nearest hospital: a rash on a spot where this pre-numb cream is not being used; difficulty breathing; dizziness; shaky hands; blurred vision; areas of skin becoming blue. These are very serious side effects and could mean you have had a serious reaction.